vgo insulin delivery device 2

An insulin delivery device, called the V-Go, that is similar to an insulin pump has been shown to improve blood glucose control and reduce daily insulin doses for people with type 2 diabetes.

Manufactured by Valeritas Inc, the V-Go is attached to the body in a similar way to insulin patch pumps such as the OmniPod. Also similar to insulin pumps, the V-Go is able to deliver a steady stream of basal insulin through the day and provides the chance to take bolus insulin doses before meals without the need to take an injection.

The V-Go is a disposable device that is designed to be used over a 24 hour period and then disposed of. The device is lightweight, weighing 1 ounce, and can be worn under clothing. One of three different basal rates can be preset to be delivered (20, 30 or 40 units per day). Up to 36 units of bolus insulin can also be taken per day and these doses can be delivered whenever the user wants by the pressing of a button.

Easier meal time dosing

Missed mealtime injections can often occur in people with type 2 diabetes for a number of reasons including not having insulin kit to hand at meal times, difficulties with injecting in social or business situations and having a degree of diabetes burnout (when the constant requirements of diabetes management become overwhelming). By making insulin doses injection free, it makes it easier for users to adhere to their insulin regimen.

The V-Go is not as complicated as the insulin pumps that are commonly used by people with type 1 diabetes. This is advantageous for people with type 2 diabetes as the V-Go is much easier to use than an insulin pump.

Improved control

In a study, presented at the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 75th Scientific Sessions, by endocrinologists Dianne Fetchick, MD and Rosemarie Lajara, MD, the V-Go was shown to lead to a significant decrease in HbA1c levels, from 9.6% at the start of the study down to 7.7% after 9 months.

Use of the V-Go also resulted in a 20% reduction in total daily insulin dose for study participants which had been on insulin therapy prior to the study. The reduction in insulin is important as lowering insulin doses, whilst keeping blood glucose levels under control, helps to prevent the body becoming more insulin resistant.

When used in combination with a healthy lifestyle, the V-Go could help people with type 2 diabetes to reduce insulin doses, improving their chances of achieving weight loss and could help some patients to come off insulin and reverse the progression of their diabetes. This is certainly a possible outcome for some patients that are committed towards improving their health.