Drug maker Sanofi has joined forces with Google’s parent company Alphabet to embark on a joint venture to help shape the future of type 2 diabetes treatment.

The joint effort is a new company called Onduo, which will focus on improving both the “friction” experienced by people with the condition, and improve their “insight”.

The new venture, called Onduo, is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and purposefully has a vague task list from the outset. CEO Dr Joshua Riff said this is because “We’re not jumping to solutions because we’re in a rush to get to market… We’re taking a thoughtful approach to finding lasting solutions.”

Following the huge company structure rearrangement that Google underwent last year, splitting the technology giant into several different companies all owned by the umbrella corporation Alphabet, the new companies have got a rejuvenated focus and a new independence. One of these companies, Verily Life Sciences, has joined up with Sanofi.

Verily focus on using Google’s expertise in technology and data to improve the lives of people, and so has joined up with Sanofi to help tackle the rising epidemic of type 2 diabetes.

With prevalence of the disease rising, it is paramount that efforts be taken to help improve management of the disease, and to prevent it from developing in as many people as possible.

Onduo will “initially focus on the type 2 diabetes community, specifically on developing solutions that could help people make better decisions about their day to day health, ranging from improved medication management to improved habits and goals,” according to a statement released by Verily and Sanofi.

Riff succinctly added what Onduo will stand for and focus on. “One, can we give [people with type 2 diabetes] tools to remove the friction in their lives…. Number two, can we give them better insight.”