What is detox and why do you need it?

Detox is a purification program, which will allow the general cleaning of the whole organism. It is a kind of vacation, during which the body rests from heavy food and gets rid of the very toxins that poison us.
Toxins are now considered the main culprits of weak immunity, many diseases, poor digestion and even depression. Toxins are poisons harmful to the body, which get into our body with poor quality water and food. They wait for us in inorganic cosmetics, household chemicals, medicines, synthetic clothing and furniture.

Pros and cons

What is detox and why do you need it?

Proponents of detox programs are sure that compliance with detox programs will allow you to lose weight, become more energetic, find a clean and healthy skin. Detox guru and nutritionists believe that the harmful substances that poison our body accumulate faster than the natural mechanisms of excretion – kidneys, liver, intestines, skin. Deteriorating memory, dysbacteriosis, brittle nails and hair, widespread chronic fatigue – all these signs indicate intoxication of the body, and detox therapy can solve these problems.
There are also opponents of this method, who insist that our body has a self-purifying ability, which is endowed by nature itself. The liver filters blood, freeing it from products of metabolism; the kidneys remove excess organic substances (amino acids, carbohydrates, etc.) and toxins from the body; the skin, acting as a reliable barrier, protects it from the adverse effects of the environment and dangerous microorganisms. They are sure that we do not need detox at all, as it does not do more than the body itself can.
But there are also those who choose the “golden mean”, believing that our help to the body will not be superfluous. After all, although the human body is endowed with natural filters, to cope with the daily load in the form of excess sugar, unnatural food, sedentary lifestyle and bad ecology, it is more and more difficult.

Timing and results

Usually the detox diet lasts 3-5 days. However, the duration may be extended, depending on your aging and well-being. But not more than 10 days. Specialists believe that this period is the maximum for a wellness detox diet. During this time, the body will not only be free from toxins, but even there will be a renewal of blood flow. However, before you start a detox diet, you must pass the so-called detox retreat – a phase of preparation, which usually takes at least three to four weeks. During this period, it is necessary to exclude from the diet a whole list of products that complicate its work and overload the excretion organs. Emphasis in the diet will have to be placed on those that promote the excretion of toxic substances.

Sports during detox

What is detox and why do you need it?

It is better to refuse from serious fitness training. Light yoga or stretching exercises will be most suitable during this period. Removal of toxins from the body will speed up hiking in the sauna. The massage course will not hurt either.


You can start to purify the body only after consulting with a doctor. Purification of the body can be dangerous in case of high acidity of gastric juice, disorders of the digestive, endocrine or cardiovascular systems, diabetes, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, colitis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, heart and kidney diseases.
It is better to abstain from detox in case of severe fatigue, irritation, stress, as well as during high nervous tension, for example, during exams.
Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are contraindicated detox